San Diego Trees Are Scarce As of Right Now

Posted by Candice Ennor on December 4, 2015 (Comments Closed)
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Trees have been around even before humans existed and they are a big part of the biosphere’s ability to thrive and survive. Trees take in Carbon Dioxide that is poisonous to humans and animals when inhaled in concentrated volumes. They help clean the air around us by giving off oxygen that is required for respiration. We just can’t live without trees. I mean this in a literal way. The world will perish without them because there is no substitute. The saddening thing though is people have very low regards to the preservation of these gifts form nature. Here and there, trees are being hacked and turned into something else more “useful” to humans. Other people cut away trees for the purpose of real estate and creating more homes for humans. It’s a funny thing because home should be a place that is livable. The earth is our first home. The walls that we build to separate us from our real home is causing the earth to slowly decay.

How then can we save the trees without sacrificing human comfort. Well first, I have to say that trees give our primary comfort: air to breathe. Needs like shelter and clothing are secondary to oxygen. We should have a way to provide secondary needs and not hard the primary  that is breathable air. Their should be a way to build real estates without having to cut down the trees that took decades for mother nature to nature into maturity. There should be a way to landscape a whole lot without having to cut the tree that is not “aesthetic” to the eyes.

Tree removal is a good way to relocate trees without the need of killing them. This method uproots the tree from the ground and roots it to another location. The reason why trees are being cut is because they are very hard to move since the roots are attached to the ground and seems impossible to remove. The heavy equipment that were built specifically to move trees are now available and are innovated every year. A good example is south jersey tree service. They have been doing tree removal for a very long time. Today, their equipment has  improved so much to make services more efficient and quick.

Babies Can Now Be Conceived with IVF

Posted by Candice Ennor on September 26, 2015 (Comments Closed)

In the natural process of fertilization, the male member puts sperm in the uterus where the egg gets those and match up in order to reproduce. The reproduction always matters for all. And in the natural processes, the fertilized embryo often opens up for something. The nature is bound with that thing. The precious babies are born from the uterus. But people can use surrogate to get babies unnaturally. That matter is really different in nature.

How the Process Works

Everyone prefers the natural fertilization system. But not everyone is so lucky to mate with others and at the first chance it results a baby. But if the natural process does not work and then the time of not working prolongs then you should get a doctor and take suggestions from them and obviously have some tests on the reproduction organs. R.S.M.C Fertility says that if anything does not work then you must get advices from the doctors and have In Vitro Fertilization to get a baby if the criterion meets up with it.

This process requires eggs and sperm, which are important for all the reproduction in this world. Not only have the humans needed eggs and sperm to fertilize but also the animals need the same process. When the natural process does not work, you have to get it another way. And those ways are also available. One of the most common solutions is test tube babies. The test tube process is originally named as In Vitro Fertilization process. This process requires test tubes to place the embryo or the zygote. The zygote must be set upon the uterus.

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